Customer Care

Process for Requesting ALC Refunds

Dear Customers,

Since we have communicated our decision to keep transit services suspended for the next two months, we have received a significant number of requests to refund ALC balances. We stand by our decision to not resume services right now, as we believe Covid-19 remains a threat in enclosed spaces such as buses and vans.

We remain excited to resume our services when the pandemic subsides. Till then, we are offering customers the option to have their paid ALCs refunded. Please fill out this form to apply for a refund – refunds will be issued based on the following framework:

1) Only paid credits will be refunded. Referral or promo credits will not be eligible for refunds.
2) Customers will be called to verify request and confirm refund amounts.
3) Payment processing can take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks depending on the payment method chosen.
4) Once the form is submitted, your refund process will begin and you do not need to submit any requests via email or social media.

You can find the form by clicking here.

Our customers remain our top priority and we continue to value your support. Hope to serve you soon. 

Team Airlift