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Airlift Relief Fund – Give back to the community

Launching Airlift Relief Fund to gather donations* to help those most affected by COVID-19.

*Note: We’ve partnered with NGOs and medical centers to ensure that all funds will be distributed with complete transparency.

How are we helping people with these funds?

(i) Distributing monthly ration packs to marginalized communities: We have partnered with NGOs in Karachi & Lahore to provide monthly ration packs to families who have lost their source(s) of income.

(ii) Enabling access to testing and treatment: We are contributing both finances and equipment to medical centers that are working with COVID-19 patients.

(iii) Providing protective gear for medical staff: We are working with medical centers to equip healthcare professionals with proper protective gear so they remain safe when treating COVID-19 patients.

Note: The Airlift Relief Fund received 1.1M in donations & supported over 550 families in Lahore and Karachi with generous donations received from our customers. The program is now closed for any further donations.