Customer Care

General Queries Regarding Airlift’s Temporary Suspension

Here you will find answers to your Questions about the Temporary Suspension of Airlift’s Service

  • What is happening?

In the public’s safety and health interest, Airlift has decided to temporarily suspend its services in both Karachi and Lahore.

  • When will this suspension be lifted?

Please note, for now, Airlift’s services are temporarily suspended until further notice. Let’s hope the current dire situation gets improved and we will resume our operations earliest possible. Please do reach out if you have any queries or need support.

  • Did the government force you to suspend your services?

At Airlift, people come first, business comes second. Nothing is more important to us than taking the required preventive measures to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Having said that, we have taken this measure on our own accord for the safety of our pilots and customers. Rest assured that as soon as the situation is improved, Airlift services will be resumed for its valuable customers.

  • Will my ALCs expire?

Your Airlift wallet status will remain how it currently is, and there will be no changes made to it due to this suspension.  ALCs in your Wallet will stay as is and you can continue to use them as soon as our operations resume.

  • Will my wallet ALCs be refunded?

Your ALCs will be available for use once our services resume as soon as the situation improves. You can refund your ALCs by filling out your information in the form here.

  • Will I be reimbursed for my booked rides?

All of your bookings for the duration of the suspension will be cancelled and reimbursed to you in full.

  • How do I access my account during this suspension? 

You can access your app as you normally would but you will not be able to make any bookings for the near future due to temporary suspension of service.

  • Can I book seats for the future while Airlift is not working?

Unfortunately, we are not allowing seats to be booked while our suspension is in place. However, we will inform you when we are resuming our service so you can book your seats in advance.

  • Will I be notified in advance before the suspension is lifted, so I can book my rides?

Yes. Before our services resume, we will be sending out a notification via email, social media and in app. The bookings will be made available at the earliest possible.

  • How can you reach the Airlift team for support during the suspension period?

In case of any queries or concerns, our support team will be available to you at for general inquiries or for Corona-specific questions and suggestions.

  • I called the helpline, no one is picking up. What do I do?

Our helpline support staff is required to follow all precautionary measures leading to unavailability to pick up calls. You can reach out to us at for any queries.

  • How can I help you guys at this time?

We need you to take care of yourself, practice safety and precautionary measures such as staying at home, practicing social distancing, washing your hands regularly and avoiding crowded public places. This way you can support us when we are back and ride with Airlift again.

  • What measures is Airlift taking to support its pilot community?

Given the adverse situation, we recognize that pilots are one of our key stakeholders who will be massively impacted by the spread of COVID-19. We are, therefore, setting up a Pilot Support Fund to support our pilots in these trying times to ensure that we are navigating this crisis, together, with our community.

General COVID-19 Advice

  • How to take care of myself during this Coronavirus outbreak?

As Airlift’s valued customers, we want you to take care of your health and safety during this Coronavirus outbreak. Stay safe, practice social distancing and seek medical care if you are feeling unwell. 

  • What is social distancing?

Social distancing is the practice of maintaining physical distance to avoid spread of illness so that the healthcare system can care for patients over a period of time. Social distancing includes avoiding public places, local transport such as buses and limiting contact with people.

  • What are preventative measures I can take for COVID-19?

Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, practice social distancing, limit physical contact with people such as handshakes and hugs, maintain personal hygiene and seek medical care early. For any consultations, please consult your medical care doctor.